The Importance of Understanding and Meeting Customer Needs

When it comes to business there are a few things that you can do that will ensure you get the best possible results and feedback from all of your consumers. One of these things is making sure that you meet and understand the needs of your customers in a variety of ways. This shows that you care about your customers and that you are willing to take time out to make them feel valuable. This is one of the best ways to get word of mouth promotion and to ensure that you are going to get customers who return to your business on a regular basis.


Basically the importance of understanding and meeting customer needs lays in showing them that they are important enough for you to care. If customers like myself want a big box experience we will go to a big box store. If we want to support a local business or a business that is just starting we are going to expect a little bit more in terms of customer service. Showing us that you are going to take our needs seriously and mold your business around the needs of the community is one of the best ways to secure our loyalty.

Be Informed: Know What Business Structure Is Best For You

One of the most important things to do before getting a business is launched is to choose its legal structure. There are many tax and legal consequences that can arise in the event the wrong structure is chosen.


There are three basic types to choose. One is to structure the business like a sole-proprietor, another is as a limited liability company and the third is as a corporation.

You will want to seek the advice of an attorney to determine which is right for you. I am a sole proprietor and this set up works well for my small, home-based business.

However, for any company larger or that has greater revenue, it is a good idea to invest the money in setting a business up as an LLC or corporation. These formats protect your personal property and assets from being taken or used to pay back business debts in the event something occurs to your company’s finances.

If you are going into business by yourself, a sole-proprietorship should be fine. However, if you are going into business with other partners and they are putting money into it or will be using credit through the business, it might be best to form a corporation or LLC.


Maintaining Friendships When Your Schedule Gets Hectic

marketing2Starting a new business is very exciting and in some cases it is going to be very difficult for the new owners to maintain their family relationships. This is when, I found some of the secrets that are going to help out in getting the business started up and be able to maintain a lot of the same family relationships that I am trying to get done. Without this, I knew that I was going to go stir crazy because it was going to be impossible for me to get the work done.
The first thing that I found is you have to establish some type of business hours. When you have business hours set up it will make it easier for you in getting the best business set up and allow you to set up the different time for family connections. Something else that I found out is this is going to help in getting the connections is to look at the different ways that I am able to separate myself from work and spend time with my family, which often means establishing some employees with manager duties to make the business run smoothly.
As we grow our garage door installation company I find that some days the hours are simply too long. I’m missing out on important childhood moments (like baseball games) and friends are starting to wonder if they won’t see me until me funeral.
 In order to start regaining some of that time, I’ve created strategic partnerships.  Tim Ferris talks a lot about this, but since I’m not that technical, I really didn’t think his method could work for me.
But I found that with a few tweaks, I was able to replicate his model, save time, and increase revenue. For example, I have a CPA who does all of my bookkeeping. That’s only $200 per month and saves me at least half a day (books aren’t my strong suit). I have a marketing guy who runs my website and ranks it on the front page of Google. He also keeps my facebook updated and posts to craigslist for me and is, basically, my primary source of new business (outside of referrals). He’s a little pricey at about $1200 per month, but since we get at least 15 new jobs a month out of him, I find it money well spent.
Now, all I have to do is keep the customers happy. We recently hired a college kid on summer break for $9 per hour. Now I can move twice as fast (ok, so occasionally he slows me down. He’s learning, after all!). But the bottom line is that for under $4,000 per month, I’m able to make it home by 5 almost every night and we’re still 30% ahead on profits than we were last year.
I have a friend with a handyman business who is scared to bring on help. And I completely understand because I struggled with the same fears for a long time.  But since every one of these positions directly affect our bottom line, I find that it has been an incredible use of funds. We get the tax write off, more time with friends and family, and more business.
That’s what I call a win-win-win.

Tips On Finding Ways To Balance Your Time As A Business Owner: Work, Family, Personal Time

Time management is important to everyone who wishes to achieve their business goals and personal goal as well. However, this is a challenging task, and people are always trying to find ways to balance their time as entrepreneurs and also as responsible individuals especially parents. To save you time searching for ways to balance your life, here are a few tips on how you can be successful on both sides.


Manage Your Time At Work And At Home

The first you should do is find a way to implement effective time measures when at work and also when at home. No matter how busy your working place is, you need to prioritize your work so that you can be able to carry out your duty efficiently. Moreover, Plan your schedule wisely by tackling difficult task when you are fresh and most productive such as morning hours. Reserve minor responsibility for afternoon hours, when you are worn out.

When planning your working schedule, you also need to consider the increase of revenue for your business. That is why you need to acknowledge the areas that require more of your time and attend to these areas. This will increase profits for your business without having to work overtime and also without having to sacrifice your time for other matters.

After working during the day, it is time to retire to your home as a family member. Even though this is not easy for most business owners who are forced to work at home, it is important to set effective priorities for home as you would at work. That is because you need to attend to other family matters and keep the place you call home free of clutter.

Create Personal Time

Personal time does not arise out of thin air. Especially for business owners who have to manage their business and take care of their families. Only you can be able to create personal time at work and also at home. When at work, avoid multi-tasking and focus exclusively on a single task at a time. This will give you time to work without being interrupted and engage into a motivating activity such as planning, brainstorming and even strategizing on your work.

If necessary, you can lock yourself in the office and turn off your phone and emails to prevent interruption. Even though this might seem unprofessional for most business owners, it is a convenient way of balancing time. Personal time does not only create at work but also at home.

Not creating time for yourself at home, might cause you to forget that you have a hobby and or a passion for something else. When at home, create personal time by doing what you like doing most. You can do this alone or with your spouse as long as you are having fun and not thinking of all the responsibilities that you have to fulfill. The best way of creating person time while at home is by watching a movie, reading a book and also going out.

Another way you can be able to create personal time for yourself is by finding something new to do from your regular staff. Learning new things is a way of refreshing your mind and also a way of giving you a new outdoor experience.


You can use these tips to balance your life as a business owner and be productive in both social life and work. It does not matter what your business deals with, what is important is that you can succeed in both areas.

Decision Making- Know your goals

One of the things that have shown to be hard for people to understand is the art of decision making in the process of trying to bring out goals. You should discover the goals that you have set for your life so that you may come up with various important procedures that will help you in identifying the most effective means of realizing success in efforts to achieve your goals. Therefore, you should have everything you need and identify the various best ways which you could apply in order for you to ensure that you have satisfied your desire of trying to be successful in goals implementation. You should exploit all the resources that are around you to ensure that you have done everything necessary to maximize full use of your in built potential and you will hence be successful in all your dealings. This article will aim at giving you all the necessary information that you need in order to come up with the important information that you require for the betterment of your life.

Set Realistic Goals
The goals that you set to achieve are very important since they will help you in knowing that you are headed for something that you can really achieve. When you have realistic goals, you will also be in a position to come up with realistic strategies that will help you in realizing the best procedures that you can use in reaching for your goals.
Be smart
When you are setting up your goals, you should try as much as you can to be smart. Recognize the various best ways which you could use to ensure that you have realized an entirely new way of conducting the various activities that you are involved in. There are also a lot of ways in which you can prove your smartness. Being smart will ensure that you have everything you need in order to come up with the best strategies of achieving all you want.
Write your goals down
One of the things that will motivate you towards achieving your goals is after you write them down. When you write your dreams down, you will be in a position to carry out all the procedures you need in efforts to make your future a success. You will also realize that you have everything you need for you to be in a position where you can accomplish your mission. Writing also makes your goals to have a bigger meaning in your life. You will have the urge to fulfill what you wrote down. You will always be remembering everything you need and there will be a great impact on the way you handle your various activities.
Be Precise with your goals
One of the things that make people not to fulfill their goals is the fact that they are not precise with what they are set for. You should be sure of what you want in your life so that you do not deviate from your plans. Knowing your goals simply implies discovering the various important procedures that will help you in coming up with the important measures which ensure that you have accomplished your mission. You should give yourself a specified time period for which you are set to accomplish your goals for. By so doing, you will be in a position where all your missions will be successful.
Be Decisive on your Goals
Once you decide on the particular goal that you are aiming for, you should ensure that you have had everything you wanted has come to pass. Make wise decisions and stand firmly on the decisions you make.

A Few Tips To Easily Improve Your Business Proposal Presentation

If you have recently created a business proposal, one that you are going to use in a presentation to get the funding that you need for a project that you have in mind, there are many ways that you can improve this business proposal, weighing the odds in your favor, and actually convincing potential lenders to provide you with the money. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are proposing to the lenders that you will be visiting. It is the way in which you present the information. You have to think from the perspective of the people that you are talking to, individuals that are only interested in whether or not this is a sound investment that is going to make the money. Here are a few tips that you can use to help you out.


Overview Of A Generic Business Proposal

When you create a business proposal, it is simply a very well organized written presentation, something selling your idea to someone that is either going to purchase your idea or provide you with funding. It is a critical document for those that are just starting out, trying to make their way in the particular niche of their choosing, a way of expressing their ideas for the entrepreneurial business they have in mind. The basic components of a business proposal are going to be much different from a business plan. A plan is going to be much more detailed. What you want to do with the proposal for any business that you are presenting is to provide a brief overview, and highlight the most important aspects of the business, primarily those that will generate money.

How To Create A Winning Proposal

A winning business proposal is one that is always structured in the following way. It will present a problem that a potential buyers market may have. It will present a solution that potential buyers will be open to using. And finally, it will show how much the product or service will cost, and of course the amount of profit that can be earned as a result of this business actually becoming fully functional. Without presenting the problem, and convincing the person that is listening that it is worthy of pursuing a solution, you will not captivate them, nor convince them, that the finding that you need is necessary to start this type of business.

Ways To Improve Your Business Proposal Presentation

There are a couple of different ways that you can improve any business proposal that you are presenting to potential investors. The first thing that you should do is incorporate as much technology as possible, specifically ways of combining audio and visuals. Most people are familiar with PowerPoint, and if you are able to present a PowerPoint presentation in a conference room where the investors will be viewing your ideas, it will make your presentation look much more authentic, and also make you seem more competent. The second thing that you should do is keep the proposal as short as possible, with a primary emphasis on the key points of the presentation. The key points will be a problem, and the solution that you will provide, and then finally show them how much they will actually make.

If you have to make multiple presentations to different investors, you will slowly learn how to fine-tune the presentation that you are using. You can make these adjustments by gauging the reaction of each person or company that you are presenting with the proposal, and then modify your presentation accordingly. It is by being aware of how people react, and then being able to modify the proposal that you have to create a different response that you will at some point have the perfect business proposal presentation that will inevitably lead you to a financer that will be willing to work with you.

Encourage Teamwork In Your Business Staff To Achieve Great Success

As business owner or the manager of one you need to find ways to encourage teamwork in order to successfully achieve your goals. With a highly tuned staff that is happy to come to work and give their all, it is very difficult to be successful. The first thing that a business owner or manager must realize is that they can’t get anywhere without the full cooperation of the people they hire.


To help achieve the goals that you have for your business it is highly important in this day and age that you treat your employees right. The staff you hire to help run your business should be considered part of team, one that you hope is pulling for each and everyone in order to succeed as a group. Without teamwork it can be a fractured business with everyone having different agendas when they come to work each day.

Nobody likes to come to work mad, and the unfortunate reality is that when you don’t have owners and managers who don’t care about their staff, you will have a lot of angry employees. You have to realize that you are all in this together, and if even one person is unhappy at work it can spoil it for everyone. The energy needs to be positive at all times and no negativity must be allowed in the office.

To encourage positive interaction between your business staff it is important that you have team building activities. There are numerous ways to achieve these goals that will have your employees looking forward to coming to work each day.

One ways that many sales companies use to encourage teamwork is to have contests. Since a majority of companies revolve around sales, the team needs an incentive to help them sell a lot of products and services. By organizes your salesforce into teams you can set goals for each one, and at the end of the month the team with the most amount of sales will win a certain prize. You can also have prizes for second and third place too.

Money is always a great motivator, but sometimes all it takes is showing that you care about your staff and letting them know they are important. If you have a smaller business taking your employees out for lunch or dinner, perhaps also catering in a nice meal where everyone can sit down and relax is a fun way to just interact while you have a full belly.

Many companies like to throw events whether it is at the company itself or renting out a place where each employee can bring members of their family. At this time it is great to reward your employees for a job well done and just thank them and let them know how much they are valued. At these events you can have all sorts of competitive games, including things such as softball, kickball or cornhole. Check online for company event planning and you will see all the items that you can rent out for these types of events.

You never want to isolate people in your company and have one group pitted against another, so you should encourage an open floor seating arrangement where people aren’t walled off from each other. Interacting with each department is good, but you can also for little groups and have them compete against each other every month. Then the following month you change it around so everyone gets to work with someone new each month.

Whatever you can do as an owner to change things up in the office is a positive. Teamwork evolves when you have good ownership, managers and organization. It also happens when you have fun outside events, catered in food, prizes for sales members and most importantly a positive atmosphere with no negativity allowed.

Market Your Business Effectively With Social Media

Are you on social media? Is your business on social media? If not, you should be. Millions of people visit these social networks each and every day. Many of them visit them several times a day. By placing your business on social media sites, you are sure to get attention, grow your customer or client base, and essentially grow your business. Continue reading to learn how to use the social media world to effectively market your business.


First, you need to decide which social media platform you would like to use. You can use one, two, or several. Don’t choose the site you are most comfortable with, choose the site your audience is using. If you aren’t sure, send out an email, flyer, or ask. By choosing your audience’s preferred networks, you are sure to reach the most people.

Once you have decided which social media avenues to pursue, begin setting up your profile page. Remember, this is basically a commercial for your business and might be the first or only thing a potential customer or client will see. Do your best to make your profile page as professional as possible. Look over all of your content and make sure it is useful, relevant, and grammatically correct. The theme of your page should match your business’s tone.

Next, start adding pictures to your profile. The more you add, the better. Like your content, though, you want your pictures to be professional, relevant, and useful. If needed, have professional shots taken. You know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In today’s world, most people want to see pictures that represent a company’s products or services. This helps them see exactly what you have to offer without having to read a lot of content. Be sure you label your pictures accurately, too, for even more exposure.

Start encouraging customers, friends, family members, and anyone who is in your audience range to like or follow your page. There are several ways that you can do this. One way is to ask by putting the information in a newsletter, in your place of business, and anywhere that people can see it. Make sure to add links to your website, too, if you have one. The more visible you make your social media pages, the more followers you will receive.

As you start to gain followers, you will want to start posting relevant content to your social media site. Again, there are many different ways that you can do this. Like your profile page, though, you want to make sure that everything you post is related to your business somehow, even if it is a stretch. Also, it should be grammatically correct. Ask questions that have to do with your business. Make sure that you respond, too. You can also post helpful tips, news items, and more. Anything that you think your audience would find interesting and useful, you should post.

Continue to communicate on your social media site. With technology the way it is today people expect a quick response. If you get a comment, question, or message, be sure to address it within 24 hours, sooner if you can. The more you communicate on your social media pages, the more your followers will learn to appreciate and trust you.

By following these simple tips, you can effectively market your business using social media. Done correctly, you can use these networks to get your business seen and essentially grow your brand. What are you waiting for? Sign up for your social media site and watch your business boom!